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Paylike for enterprise businesses

If your business has more than EUR 30,000 in monthly payment volume, you may qualify for an Enterprise account.

Volume pricing

We offer volume pricing, generally, the more volume, the lower the pricing we can offer.

You will benefit from our regular fixed pricing consisting of a percentage-based and a fixed price per transaction, depending on your volume, card distribution and other factors which we will inquire about when preparing your offer.

All though we don't advertise or advocate for interchange++ pricing, we do support it, just reach out.

Faster settlements

Standard accounts have weekly settlements and most often a minor rolling reserve and a settlement delay.

Enterprise accounts may qualify for daily settlements with a minimum delay and reserve for improved cash flow.

If you currently use a factoring company, let us know, and we can work with you to get Paylike up and running with your current factoring setup.

Premium support

With an enterprise account, you receive premium support which consists of one or more dedicated account managers who know the in's and out's of your business and can advise on fraud management, transaction monitoring, handling rejected transactions and more.

Furthermore, with an Enterprise account, you can upgrade and get either unlimited or pay per call access to our 24/7 emergency technical support team.

Custom integrations

Our technical support team can help your developers with any migration or custom integration you may need, whatever that is for your custom website/app or your accounting or ERP-system.

Get started

To set up an Enterprise account and receive a custom offer please reach out and send us some basic information about your business:

  • Website/app
  • Company information
    • Registration number
    • Country
  • Monthly payments volume