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Documentation and developer resources

Explore our developer documentation or see our getting started guide below.


Getting started

Start getting paid with Paylike in 5 simple steps:

1. Register your app

curl -i \
-d name="My new app"

2. Create a merchant account

Using the key from above we are now going to create a test merchant account:

curl -i \
-u :416766b7-6d64-446c-a918-6df8e6e7cbf4 \
-d test="yes" \
-d name="My webshop" \
-d email="" \
-d currency="USD" \
-d website="" \
-d descriptor="My webshop" \
-d company[country]="DK"

Should return something along the lines of:

  "merchant": {
    "id": "569843df9967856f4ea4aa77",
    "key": "f4f516ab-f253-4f76-a924-67b6486d42e4",

The id value is used for referencing the merchant account later.

The key attribute is the public key used for creating new transactions.

3. Create a payment

Follow the examples here to set up the frontend for payments and create a test sale.

4. Fetch all transactions

If you have set up a frontend and created some test sales, we can pull the list of those:

curl -i \
-u :416766b7-6d64-446c-a918-6df8e6e7cbf4

This will give you all sorts of information about the transaction, but make a note of id and amount.

5. Capture a transaction

Finally, let's capture the transaction in its whole:

curl -i \
-u :416766b7-6d64-446c-a918-6df8e6e7cbf4
-d amount=100

6. Invite your email to the account (optional)

Still using your app for authentication and your new account's ID, you can invite your email to get access via

curl -i \
-u :416766b7-6d64-446c-a918-6df8e6e7cbf4 \
-d email=""

Accepting payments

See our supported payment methods here.

Checkout and payment forms

With Paylike you can use our pre-built payment forms to accept payments, design your own form or use our hosted solutions.

For web and apps

Your customer never leaves your website or app as all of our payment forms for web and apps are included directly on your website.

Payment form 3-D Secure built in? PCI requirements Error handling built in?
Popup (Example, docs) Yes Minor Yes
Embedded form for web (docs) No Minor No
Direct gateway integration (docs) No Major No

Our recommendation is to initiate your integration with our popup as it has been thoroughly tested, limits PCI requirements, handles errors and natively supports 3-D Secure.

If you do not have a website or app, but still want to get paid with Paylike, you can use our hosted payment links or vPOS.

MOTO / Over-the-phone sales

We do not recommend manually entering card details. Instead, you should get the customer to your website or collect your customers email or phone number and send them a payment link instead.

If you insist on accepting card details over the phone (MOTO) and manually want to enter them into Paylike, you must contact us to get approved. You may not store card details and must on an annually basis provide us with your SAQ C-VT.

Payment details

When creating a transaction, you can add the following configurations:

Input Required Details
Amount Yes Minor units (e.g. “200” is $ 2)
Currency Yes ISO 4217 (e.g. “USD”), see supported currencies
Descriptor Optional Defaults to the account's descriptor if not provided. Learn more about the descriptor here.
Custom data Optional Add custom data for e.g. referencing a transaction with an order. Learn more about custom data here.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is currently in beta. Contact us if you want early access to accept Apple Pay.

Google Pay

Google Pay is currently in beta. Contact us if you want early access to accept Google Pay.

Recurring/subscription payments (card tokenization)

Create payments on behalf of your customers using Paylike's strong tools for card tokenization and recurring payments.

Learn about recurring payments here.

Strong customer authentication (3-D Secure)

Due to regulatory changes in the EU you must support 3-D Secure to do the so-called “strong customer authentication” to avoid declined payments.

Learn about strong customer authentication (3-D Secure)


Officially supported by Paylike

Made available by third-parties

These clients have been made available by heroes in the community.

Building a client in [insert your favourite language here]? Reach out, we might consider sponsoring the maintenance.

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